Partnerstvo između BookLogica i trivaga

Next Level of Partnership between BookLogic and trivago is Unlocked

BookLogic, a trailblazing tech firm specializing in customizable travel technology solutions for hotels and accommodation providers, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its ongoing partnership with trivago, a global leader in accommodation search.

As the world emerges from the challenges posed by the pandemic, the hospitality sector is reawakening with renewed determination. BookLogic unlocks a new partnership level with trivago, offering a more streamlined and efficient way to attract and convert potential guests. It signifies a vital step towards revitalizing the industry, reigniting economic activity, and fostering collaboration within the global accommodation ecosystem.

At the core of this collaboration lies the empowerment of hotels and accommodation providers, positioning them to capture new opportunities and enhance their revenue streams. By integrating BookLogic’s cutting-edge booking engine with trivago’s extensive reach and influence, a dynamic platform is formed that will easen and cheapen how hotels reach potential guests.

“BookLogic’s commitment to innovation and empowering our partners aligns perfectly with trivago’s mission to create meaningful connections within the travel industry.” states Selin Yigitus, Marketing Director of BookLogic. She continues: “We are excited to provide hotels and accommodation providers with a powerful Artificial Intelligence based tool that connects their properties to a bigger audience with trivago marketplace, ultimately driving more bookings and higher occupancy through our platform.”

Hotels can harness the power of trivago to elevate hotel’s visibility and streamline booking conversions through BookLogic’s intuitive and customizable booking engine and representation model to be listed on trivago, unlocking a new realm of possibilities. BookLogic’s extensive suite of services, combined with trivago’s global metasearch influence, presents a unique opportunity for hotels and accommodation providers to gain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving market. This recent milestone in the partnership not only enhances visibility, but also streamlines the booking process, enabling businesses to effectively tap into the growing demand for travel experiences.

Hotels and accommodation providers across various markets can now harness the power of trivago’s metasearch capabilities exclusively through BookLogic’s MaxiBooking Engine. This collaboration aims to nurture growth, foster connectivity, and contribute to the resurgence of the hospitality industry. Maximizing direct bookings has never been easier before!

For inquiries or to explore how BookLogic and trivago can empower your hotel or accommodation business, please contact us.

About BookLogic:

BookLogic was founded in 2004 with the goal of maximizing online and offline earnings for hotels and other accommodation providers through customized software solutions. It provides extensive distribution network for accommodation providers, online & offline travel agencies, and tour operators. As a leading travel technology platform connecting hotels and travel companies through its marketplace, BookLogic develops and maintains trendsetting and user-friendly platform enabling efficient operational procedures between industry players.

Unlock your hospitality & travel company’s potential by connecting to BookLogic platform utilizing BookLogic’s connections & integrations.

About trivago:

trivago is a renowned metasearch platform and online travel agency, offering travelers the ability to search, compare, and book hotels across various online booking platforms. With a strong global presence and a focus on facilitating connections between travelers and accommodation providers, trivago is committed to supporting the recovery and growth of the travel industry through innovative solutions.