Have you ever thought about unlocking the real potential of your hotel business? For this, explore the true options for maximizing your hotel reservations. Your hotel web portal is your biggest and the foremost tool to increase your visibility and maximize your revenues, only if you know how! Experience the high-end visual adaptability and compatibility with BookLogics’ Innovative Hotel Booking Engine. BookLogic is a trusted leader in hospitality industry for delivering one of the best Hotel Reservation Systems that offers customized and personalized booking engine for hotel’s website to cater your needs individually according to your hotel’s convenience and preference. We at BookLogic admit, first impression counts a lot; therefore, we aim to provide the following features:

To synchronize with your reputed brand, our innovative booking engine builds similar impact by using same color and design to keep it closer to your business website.

Your Hotel’s Logo is your say! Using it, is a must

Our booking engine selects a domain that includes your hotel’s official name

Our exceptional booking engine fits perfectly to your hotel’s web portal

Our booking engine enhance your visibility on Google to ensure maximized reservations

Trading Flexibility, Customer-friendly, Highly-Convenient

BookLogic offers online booking software that highlights your business integrity with a difference when the difference is needed! It caters you with escalated sales and maximized revenues with two-way sales of your high-end services and up selling your available rooms. It offers convenient and user-friendly search opportunities to your customers that not only increase your sales but chances of your rooms to be booked instantly. Thus, it transforms website visitors into hotel customers. To know how it works, scroll below:

It helps you manage and design rate packages for extra-services like fruit basket, airport transfer, city tour, guide-hire or laundry etc.

It helps you categorize your room types, along with their rates, availability, cancellation, booking and payment policies.

It helps you define your hotel booking conditions along with its minimum and maximum stay durations, peak hours etc.

It displays the search result along with the availability options for the days selected

It helps you portray your hotel image through unlimited picture display option for each room type, lobby or for any place that you wish to showcase.

It helps you manage tailor-make packages to sell high-end services in bundles with an opportunity that customers can self-create their packages that suits them personally.

Room search is made simpler to simplest! Room search is based on room type, arrival and departure dates, and features, depending upon the occupancy and availability calendar.

It is Robust, fast and Convenient

Benefits of using BookLogic’s Next Generation Reservation Solutions

BookLogic’s Smart Booking Engine is a high-end seamless Hotel Booking System with multiple features that saves your time, money and efforts. The option of Dynamic Pricing is matchless to any other booking engines. This feature is exceptionally designed to maximize your profits. The most you need to do, is to enter the base price (Best Available Rate), the rest is calculated automatically.

It generates quick receipts of reservation confirmation and ensures the credibility of the offered credit card. For this, it extracts credit card information with SSL encryption. To add in more, BookLogic’s Smart Booking Engine is smartly integrated with BookLogic’s Central Booking System (CRS), with GDS/IDS hotel distribution channels, and with Hotel Channel Management, to offer you controlled rates, availabilities throughout your online sales channels. It was never this easy to manage hotel reservations from singular interface. Reservation, if made any, updates directly without demanding any manual transaction.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Using our Smart Booking Engine enables you to book at least 4.5% of the target audience that visits your website. From every 100 people that come to you, 4 to 5 will book. So if you are a resort hotel, you will book 27 room nights and if you are a city hotel you will attract guests for 14 room nights. Moreover, because the engine is extremely user friendly, your customers will find it easy to book and will thank you for the simple 2 step process.

One of the reasons why people don’t book is because booking engines often take very long and keeping this in mind, we have come-up with a system that is very fast and effective, which means that you will be doubling your booking within a short time.

The theme of our booking engine is also customizable so you’ll be able to design your website and add your company URL to the address. This will help your user feel like they are on the same website after they have been redirected. Apart from the theme, the high end latest technology used in making the engine will make your website more user friendly and you will also note an increase in conversion.

To get ahead of your competition, we make sure that our Multi-Property functionality feature lets your clients check room availability in other hotels of your chain if the selected hotel doesn’t have a room. Other than this, the Sister Hotel Feature will also suggest your clients to another one of the properties if a room isn’t available.

Finally, if the guest is entering a date when no room is available, our Smart System will not just show them a message of ‘we have no availability’ but will also suggest another date when they can book a room with the hotel.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

For using Smart Booking Engine, you must have an internet connection. Thus, includes no software or startup fees! One of the most prominent features is the free provision of free Search Engine Optimization for your hotel smart booking engine. It allows customers to ask for our rates based on bookings.
Becoming Dominant, Why?

A huge shift is seen from manual bookings to online bookings. The figure is more than ever and is still increasing rapidly. We help you connect to your potential customers, who expect to find all relevant updates and reservation information on your hotel’s web portal, so they are able to make hotel reservation instantly and directly from your hotel’s website. For this, having booking engine is a must thing, if you don’t; you are definitely losing your potential customers to the OTAs. BookLogic’s sophisticated online hotel booking software is deliberately designed to meet your hotel’s needs for maximizing reservation, conversions and revenues.