Social Media Management

The social media marketing team at Booklogic offer services and solutions specifically tailored to meet your social media goals. Our main objective is to ensure you understand who your target audience is, what they want in relation to your products and services, as well as help position you to provide solution to these wants. By so doing, you become an authority within your industry, as well as gain rapid increase in revenue and clientele. A win, win for all.

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Social Media Strategy

Our team will examine what your audiences want via engaging and relevant posts, periodic contests, polls and surveys. This knowledge will shape your marketing strategy and help create winning campaigns for your brand, all the time.

Social Media Account Review

We will review all existing social accounts, to determine where you are in terms of online presence, level of performance and audience engagement. The result gotten from the review will enable us have a clear understanding as to how best to approach your campaigns.

Managing Your Social Accounts

We will manage every social account you have, making sure that updates are relevant and posted regularly in accordance with a social media calendar.

Full-Service social media management

We will work out all necessary planning, content creation and regular scheduling with your approval of course. Our in house graphics designer will be in charge of all creative. Our in house social media consultant will be the touch point for all matters regarding all social accounts.

Maximize Your Hotel Revenue

BookLogic Social Media Management Service enables you to get more guests to your hotel, increase your hotel income and see all your data through a comprehensive report.

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