Give a quick BOOST to your Hotel Bookings! Administer your Room Inventory and Manage Competitive Rates across all your contracted Online Travel Agencies, from a single screen.

BookLogic: The Devoted Leader in Delivering Outclass Channel Management and Hassle-free Hotel Distribution!

BookLogic’s Smart Hotel Channel Management System centralizes availability for all channels and escalates competitive rate management to maximize hotel bookings and revenues. Booklogic proposes an exceptional MaxiChannel Manager, your personalized Hotel Channel Manager, which let you customize, administer and manage your rates and availability in all your sales zones or channels via multipurpose yet singular interface.

This multipurpose MaxiChannel Manager outruns all other channel managers. Its wide range of capabilities include two-way reservation carting and mass modifier alerts, which informs you of channels that won’t accept a rate restriction before it is distributed. Thus, it is a next generation solution to all hotel management and distribution activities.

Booklogic’s outclass MaxiChannel Manager works as an immaculate mediator between your hotel and your online reservation channel to administer, manage and advertise your high-end services and rooms.  The prime function of this well streamed Hotel Channel Management Software is to fetch information from you, cite it to the available channels and gain maximum reservations from different channels into Booklogic’s Smart MaxiChannel Manager. Our MaxiChannel Manager is acutely designed to offer speedy solutions like: little time, money and energy for the most accurate and effective solution.

Timesaving and Cost-Effective Solution

BookLogic provides exceptional Channel Management Services to all Hotel Service Providers with its elite approach towards time saving and cost effective solutions. BookLogic’s efficient MaxiChannel Manager is laced up with a range of impressive features to cater you as your most helpful assistant. BookLogic’s Innovative Channel Manager is designed to enhance, streamline rates and availability management across all channels on-board. To make good use of BookLogic’s Smart MaxiChannel Manager, you just need a computer and a high-end internet connection, in short, no additional software is required!

The high-end premium features of BookLogic Production MaxiChannel Manager are listed below:

  • It provides hotels with a purpose built Automated Allocation Management, a system to manage and administer room inventory.
  • With its Automated Rate Parity Management System, it utilizes your OTAs to give you best business and maximized revenues ever.
  • It works in a Three Way Communication Principle stated below:
  1. The first level of communication delivers the overall information of Rates and Availabilities to all existing Online Travel Agents
  2. The second level of Communication permits BookLogic’s MaxiChannel Manager to attain and import all reservations from your online internet agencies into desired Central Reservation System.
  3. The third level of Communication manages the arriving booking requests from all existing hotel sales channels and updates the figures of available rooms throughout all online hotel channels including your own hotel web portal with each new booking.

With Automated Rates and Allocation Management System, MaxiChannel Manager is signature Hotel Management Software with prompt responses to and from all sales channels. BookLogic’s latest Channel Management Solution is fully integrated with our Central Reservation System and offers 100% compatibility with our hotel applications to provide hoteliers with the edge to manage and administer promotional advantages of direct agreements with Online Travel Agents. It also helps in building costumer’s confidence with rate parity across all distribution channels. Thus, enables you to enjoy the automation of an integrated solution for reducing labor costs, saving time consumed managing extranets.

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