Having a list of small chunks on the right side of a Google page is what you say Pay per Click Ads activated by the companies and majority of users’ click access them to reach your landing page.

PPC if managed adequately is the most REWARDING tool for driving potential customers and web traffic to your website!

What is PPC-Pay per Click?

PPC is one of the smartest and cheapest ways to drive quality traffic to your site-only when handled properly. On the other hand, if PPC campaign is not looked after correctly, it becomes a Cash-Eater! PPC Advert Campaign ensures that you are FOUND instantly by your potential customers across the world. The more clicks on your adverts, the more traffic & business lands on your website! All that needed to be ensured that your adverts are placed on the highest place on the relevant page to capture relevant audiences.

What WE Offer?

BookLogic is a company, offering a comprehensive bunch of PPC services to gather traffic at your hotel website. We never let our customers linger to different outlets. Thus, we facilitate you through & through with a hotel Pay per Click advertisements to keep you on the win-win. Our PPC roadmap is: • We reserve a Google accredited consultant for each client to manage your PPC campaign with undivided attention. • We filter relevant and targeted keywords to make your PPC campaign more effective • We offer competitive analysis to identify your competitor’s web trends and moves. • We set up your PPC Account • We manage and control your PPC campaign from scratch till finish. • We ensure that your adverts meet quality • We target and link your landing pages for each keyword • We ensure that your adverts are written constructively and offers informative briefs • We ensure that your adverts are placed on the highest ranking on the relevant page • We connect you to the pool – Google-Facebook-Yahoo-Bing etc. • We monitor and optimize your campaigns 24/7 without any pause. BookLogic stands above for exclusively sought after PPC services as we at BookLogic are a team of Google accredited professionals. If you want to give a boost to your business, you’ve definitely knocked the right door!

We Supplement Your Online Hotel Advertising And Maximize Leads to Your Landing Pages!

How We Handle PPC Campaigns?

PPC is not as simple as it looks. We play with different variables to touch the right corner and turn your PPC campaign into a perfect success. The entire process involves: • Keyword Selection • Allocating a Budget • Conceptualizing Adverts • Bidding • Campaign Management and Review • Monitoring PPC and your cash out-flow.

Our Assessment over PPC Campaigns:

We don’t stop in fact; we stay on toes to make your PPC campaigns work until it shapes up into a perfect hit. We initiate-process-evaluate and establish a successful PPC campaign. Let’s check how we evaluate and assess results • A quick analysis of your present position • Focuses on Keywords Research • Weekly Analytic Reports • Competitive Research and Benchmarking • Revision on Advert Content • Optimization and implementation of new PPC strategies to energize existing campaign • Recommendations for progress and improvements • Control any excess cash outflow • Enhance your brand credibility Experience a unique mix of online marketing with US! BookLogic’s Smart PPC approach is matchless, ensuring 100% rewarding results while uplifting traffic and revenues to your website. For further details and PPC campaign queries, contact us at info@booklogic.net