To bring your customers closer to you, BookLogic’s unique approach towards Flight Booking System is Immense! Online flight management system is one of the most essential and unique need in the travel sector. No travel or tourism encouraging website is practically workable without having any flight reservation module. BookLogic with its multi-dimensional approach towards hospitality has simplified aviation bookings and reservations, once deemed impossible. We at BookLogic have unified and embed different flight booking solutions as one to help you through and through from a singular platform.

With BookLogic, Avail the Best Flight Booking System at a Fraction of a Cost!

– You can now integrate your unique flight product with other useful products
– You can now connect to GDS systems and Flight Consolidators
– You can now have simple IPCC based integration

BookLogic believes in keeping all – small or big travel agencies together at top, facilitating both different according to their needs and wants. IATA accredited agencies and Non IATA agencies can both smoothen up their flight booking services with our flawless – Flight Reservation Software.

Offering an online airlines reservation system, it is a user friendly singular screen counter that enables you to serve the world above and beyond. BookLogic’s powerful online booking system is developed ingeniously, providing global integration to 3rd party providers of flight services via multiple selling platforms like B2B, B2C and B2B2C. This unique flight reservation platform empowers you to administer your inventories through our intelligent back support tools. For flight operators and travel agencies, BookLogic’s Flight Booking System is a must try!

IATA Accredited Agencies

BookLogic helps you in consolidating your entire content whether it be GDS and Non GDS on a singular platform to streamline your complex booking keeping as one. This not only boosts your work efficiency but helps you in uplifting your distribution chain capabilities. BookLogic does what you think is impossible at a fraction of cost, offers IPCC based integration of GDS content. For sure solutions and accurate airline booking system, consult us now! Our experts will give you appropriate solutions according to your GDS agreements and how well it could be employed within our unique online flight management system.

NON IATA Agencies

Non IATA Agencies can’t deny the fact that the absence of IATA license hinders and greatly cut down agency’s ability to operate its travel & tour aviation services. This shortcoming prevents them from offering competitive fares, flight products and hinders from achieving better profit margins. This time you don’t have to worry, BookLogic supports you from scratch and offers better alternatives. You can now move ahead to attain IATA certification.

BookLogic helps you in reaching a Milestone!

If you are thinking to get a breakthrough, BookLogic has a complete support program that enables you to offer flights to your customers. Hand in hand with BookLogic, work with our Flight Consolidators, who ensures your ticketing is done smoothly, and flight sales are made possible! A required security deposit and a very simple Net-Type Agreement is needed to begin with our unique business cooperation with you.

What are you waiting for? Call us now to know more about our unique B2B and B2C compatible airline reservation system. We feel privilege to help you with our unique travel products.