TripConnect is a part of TripAdvisor's putting forth. TripAdvisor privilege to deal with your little property's posting regarding:

  • Responding to reviews
  • Seeing Detail Statistics
  • Using TripConnect to drive booking

TripConnect is powerful new way for independent properties to drive direct bookings from the world’s largest travel website directly to your property’s website booking engine. TripConnect allows independent hoteliers’ bid to appear in TripAdvisor’s hotel price comparison search on a cost-per-click (CPC) model. This offering will help promote more direct bookings and help drive down the cost of pricey third-party bookings from online travel agents (OTAs).

As part of TripAdvisor’s massive brand, TripConnect is a hot topic among all hotel owners, regardless of the scale of your property.

How Does It Work?

TripConnect allows hotels and B&Bs to participate in the Hotel Price Comparison on TripAdvisor, providing their real-time rates and availability via certified connectivity providers.

TripConnect instant booking is one of the more than 250 distribution channels integrated with SiteMinder’s Channel Manager. Hotel customers of SiteMinder who sign up for instant booking benefit from maintaining full control of their rates and inventory, which are pushed out to the TripAdvisor site in real-time through The Channel Manager.

What are the largest benefits of TripConnect?

Maximize bookings: TripConnect sends travelers, who are ready to book directly from TripAdvisor, to your website’s booking page.

Increase revenue: By sending travelers directly to your website’s booking engine, it’s easier to upsell guests to higher-priced rooms.

Reduce costs: By generating more direct bookings, you’ll spend less money in commission fees from OTAs.

As a TripConnect Premium Partner, BookLogic offers hoteliers to boom their range of reservation and market share due to its new cooperation with “the world’s largest travel site” . Besides, this partnership will provide BookLogic some services that enable hoteliers to have more reviews about their hotels and track their revenue after their cooperation with TripConnect. Now, it is much more advantageous to join BookLogic, a TripConnect Premium Partner. BookLogic boasts with its new partnership with Tripadvisor which enables BookLogic to offer hoteliers more exclusive services and empower them as a TripConnect Premium Partner.