The new TripAdvisor Instant Booking functionality enables travelers to book the hotel of their choice directly on the TripAdvisor site, delivering the reservation to the hotel through their certified connectivity providers, allowing them to establish a relationship with the customer from the outset. Connectivity providers must be certified as Premium Partners by TripAdvisor to provide TripAdvisor Instant Booking to independent hotels and B&Bs.

The booking process is fully optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile platforms in 25 languages and many global currencies. Once the reservation is complete, the booking details are passed to you via your connectivity partner.

TripAdvisor says it’s a new model and describes it as “an assisted booking”, sending the reservation directly to your property management system (PMS) or central reservation system (CRS), but charging you a commission.

Instant booking allows hotelier’s property’s rates and availability to appear in the hotel price comparison area of their TripAdvisor listing.

Reservations made on TripAdvisor are still delivered entirely to you, even if a guest doesn’t actually visit your website.


How Does It Work?

TripAdvisor Instant Booking displays your real-time rates and availability on your property’s TripAdvisor page, alongside a “Book on TripAdvisor” button, which is positioned above the other booking buttons. When a traveler books on TripAdvisor, the guest’s information and reservation details are sent to your property management system as soon as the booking is made, so you own the guest relationship from the start.


To take advantage of TripAdvisor Instant Booking, hotels simply pay a commission to TripAdvisor per booking. There are two different commission rates to choose from: the higher rate (15%) gets hotels half of all booking opportunities available through the “Book on TripAdvisor” button, and the lower rate (12%) allows properties to claim a quarter of all booking opportunities available through the “Book on TripAdvisor” button. (The booking opportunities not claimed by your property go to OTAs that you work with and that participate in instant booking on TripAdvisor.)

BookLogic is premium partner of Trip advisor. Only Premium Partners offer instant booking from TripAdvisor. Instant booking gives you an easy way to acquire business on a simple pay-for-stays commission basis. Premium Partners may also offer additional functionalities such as TripConnect Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Campaigns and Review Express