Get Simpler – Stay Accurate!

BookLogic’s Hotel Travel Agent Commission Processing System helps you in refining the simplest, cost-effective and accurate travel agent commission payment process.

BookLogic assists you brush off your burden and keep you at peace by taking over the hassle of distributing commission to each individual travel agency. With BookLogic, ease up your strenuous payment processes to each travel agent that you deal with and let ‘us’ deal it for you! To make it more productive and analytical, BookLogic’s Travel Agent Commission Payment Processing is integrated with ROI- Return on Investment Manager for Hotel Websites to know which hotel is getting maximum business from which region or any specific travel agency. This helps in identifying some of the most active players and revenue generating sources amongst all in the field.

Commission Payment Process… It was never this ‘Easier’ before

World Payment System centralizes commissionable transactions in just a go! With the help of WPS, BookLogic’s Hotel Travel Agent Commission payment process is one of the most convenient payment approaches to distribute commission to each separate entity in their respective currencies. All you need, is to make is one single payment to us, the rest is our commitment & responsibility. Thus, BookLogic contributes in making hospitality transactions much easier, quicker and reliable. Its outstanding features are:

  • In time payment transactions to travel agencies or agents
  • Payments to each travel agent in their respective currencies
  • Helps in strengthening working relationship between hotelier and travel agents
  • Builds up positive brand value in the hospitality industry
  • Single payment and single invoice cuts down the accounting load
  • Cut down the uncertainties of travel agents or agencies and cements the trust level that their payments are in safe hands, will always be delivered on time.

Effective Cost Reductions

There are always some hidden service charges linked up with bygone payment methods. BookLogic’s efficient Travel Agency Commission Payment Process identifies these costs and waives off completely to provide better opportunities and rates. To eliminate,

  • Doesn’t pay bank charges at every transaction to travel agents or agencies
  • Cut down wire fee charges that travel agencies and hoteliers are liable to pay
  • Manage losses incurred by currency exchange fluctuation

Updated Online Payment Reports

BookLogic’s diversified calculations and quick referencing collects and combines commissionable transactions by travel agencies or agents and work on it to verify authenticity. Once done, BookLogic passes the detailed online reports to both, hotelier and travel agencies you deal with.

  • The online commission payment reports are accessible, can be seen, reviewed or revised whenever required or needed
  • Hoteliers can update changes, cancellations or availabilities of your hotel bookings
  • Frequent reporting minimizes error possibilities and ensures accuracy of commission payments, timely transactions that ultimately highlights brand’s credibility.
  • Time saving as compared to manual commission payment processes
  • Finishes the payment process quickly, efficiently and effectively, securing it in up-to-date online reports.