Skyscanner is a leading global travel search site, a place where people are inspired to plan and book direct from millions of travel options at the best prices.

Skyscanner has become the first metasearch company to officially endorse the airline industry’s call for new programming standards to enable consumers to see more ancillary products, such as seat upgrades and loyalty-based offers, on intermediary websites and platforms.


Skyscanner is the future of the travel. By the middle of the next decade, travel websites will be able to deliver personalized inspiration to the digital technology in your home almost without being asked. All travelers will have at their disposal a startling array of next-generation digital technologies that will transform the discovery, planning and booking of their next journey into a seamless and intuitive experience.

27 September, 2016: BookLogic has partnered with Skyscanner to expand exposure and sales reach for its hotel clients through the leading meta search engine.

The hotel revenue management technology company is offering a direct connection to the meta search engine to help its hotel clients reach a wider market. Skyscanner will sell BookLogic's customers' available rooms while still processing the booking through the BookLogic booking engine.

BookLogic has reached an agreement to expand the reach for its hotel clients into new markets, while setting a fixed commission allowing hotels to take advantage of greater marketing exposure across Skyscanner with no additional cost.