It’s time to beat your competitors, cut down your worries, top the list of most preferred hotel across the world, and maximize your hotel’s yearly RevPAR ratio.

Surveil your Industry Competitors

BookLogic’s unparalleled Revenue & Yield Manager surveils competitor hotel’s rate through Online Travel Agencies. Well on time, now it is your turn to keep flawless check on your competitor’s hotel and list them as your rival. Or let BookLogic’s Smart Hotel Yield Management System help you from start till finish. To give a detailed idea about what is Yield Management? And what is Revenue Management in Hospitality? BookLogic is keen to answer all your queries!

Yield Management & Revenue Management:

Yield Management involves the set of strategies to allow capacity-constrained hospitality industry to define maximum revenue from the operations, carried out! The main and the foremost concept of yield management is to deliver the right service to the right customer at the right time at best rates. Thus, it revolves around, customer, time, service and price. The strategic tools of yield management can be sum up as fours Cs that are clock, calendar, cost and capacity. These four combines together and forms a fifth C to generate maximum yield, the customer.

Revenue Management is an individual application of analytics to depict customer’s behavior at the micro market level and increase product availability & price to accelerate revenue growth. The primary aim of yield management and revenue management are same by selling the right product to the right customer at the right price on the right time. The true essence of both these disciplines, Revenue & Yield Management is to perceive customer’s choices and eventually placing prices, availability and time within each customer segment.

Hospitality industry uses these sets of strategies to calculate the rates, rooms and restrictions on sales to extract maximum yields & revenues.

Check….. How?

With various departments to be managed at the same time, most hoteliers find no time or resources to extract out competitor’s growth, prospects and rates.

The ever-expanding online travel market is growing at a higher pace, making it harder for hoteliers and other travel prospects to stick to their positions within this industry. As always, BookLogic is pre dominant to help you hold back your strengths and enhance your true potential within this ever changing hospitality industry.

BookLogic’s unbeatable Hotel Revenue Manager offers you great support & help to win advantage over huge hotel chains and group hotels.

Enhance your Hotel’s Market Position

BookLogic drives you to enhance your hotel’s market value by keeping a keen eye on your competitors and gain competitive edge and benefits. BookLogic’s dominant Revenue & Yield Management for Hotels enables you to monitor competitor’s rates but also examine the differences with your own, providing you the true analysis to adjust your rates accordingly, whether to high or low by incorporating with Google Hotel Finder. With this, you can win the competitive edge to beat the unbeatable through your best rates across the board. BookLogic’s efficient Revenue & Yield Manager never leaves you the half way, but drives you all the way until your hotel is successful, by calculating and updating your rates automatically. Thus, it keeps you one step ahead of your competitor’s throughout the year.

BookLogic provides end-to-end revenue & yield management consultancy through its hotel revenue management software to keep you constantly aware of the fluctuating rates and prices after analyzing different rates and to keep your room rates updated. You can always keep your room rates at minimum rates.

  • Accelerate your room sales, not at any one but on all channels you collaborate with.
  • Take the maximum use of the potential, that are offered by the online sales channels
  • BookLogic’s exceptional Hotel Revenue Management solutions give you an edge to depict, analyze and supervise your hotel’s sales performance to help you increase the revenue and profitability of all your online sales portals.

Hike up your Hotel’s RevPAR Ratio

BookLogic’s Revenue & Yield Manager is quick in proposing excellent rates to your potential customers than your competitors, gives you ultimate hike in your room sales and revenues. It’s goal is to minimize the number of unsold rooms per day, active in generating maximum returns in terms of profitability of all online sales channels that you deal with.  Thus, never fails in increasing your hotel’s RevPAR Ratio each year!