58% of leisure travelers and 68% of business travelers always start their travel booking and shopping with search.1 Millions of these searches happen on Google every day. In fact, hotel-related searches on Google have grown 25%.

As part of this evolution, Google has created Hotel Ads , an advertising format designed specifically for hotel-related searches. Hotel Ads show current prices for hotels from a variety of partners and help travelers narrow down their options. When a traveler is ready, they can select "Book" and complete their reservation with the partner.

Google is becoming a relevant player in the online hotels sector. Google’s strategy is different to the one of its competitors. Google Hotel Ads (GHA) is a platform of inventory and prices distributed over the different Google products: its search engine, its maps and the new Google Destinations

How does Google Hotel Ads function?

When a user searches for a hotel on Google, they are now presented with a detailed listing that features blurb about the property, contact details, reviews and the ability to book online. Here’s how it looks on the desktop.

The listings are as detailed as anything you’ll find on popular booking sites or a hotel’s own website, and include amenities, directions, Street View and review summaries. It’s intuitive from a user perspective, although Google has even gone as far as offering a guide for people using their service to hunt down accommodation.


Benefits of Google Hotel Ads for independent hotels

Google’s new take on hotel search offers independent hoteliers:

  • Sits directly within the world’s most popular search engine
  • Encourages direct booking
  • Allows hoteliers to choose how they bid for listings and pay for confirmed bookings
  • Attractive, intuitive user interface for guests
  • Commission rate (if chosen) can be configured by the hotelier

As a hotelier, it is key to be in GHA since you are occupying an essential display window such as Google and are directly competing with the OTAs in a field in which they have consolidated themselves in by diverting many sales to their pages. All of this takes us to our final objectives: reducing the cost of intermediation and gaining independence from it.

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Google’s systematic path of Hotel Ads does not accept individual hotels to be involved independently in its well established system. Therefore, It is a must to work with a CRS service provider, in order to win business in Google Hotel Ads.