BookLogic’s robust Compare Manager is an efficient rate shopper that generates hotel competitive analysis. It overcomes all the market barriers and offers best hotel rate shopping solution by monitoring and collecting latest prices of competitor’s hotel to support and update your pricing strategy by analyzing your ongoing competitive approach with hotel competitors. With BookLogic, you are now able to keep keen watch to overcome your weaknesses and work on your strengths.


BookLogic’s Hotel Rate Shopper is categorically designed to serve independent facilities, but can be utilized through internet. It helps you establish the true record of rate policies adapted by online web portals and dealers by maximizing reservation and conversion rate via internet. BookLogic’s advanced reputation tool enables best rate visibility in short term and seasonally adjusted sales of both business and leisure facilities.


For a closer look: Hotel view, showing room rates in each portal per hotel

BookLogic’s unparalleled Rate Shopper monitors thousands of channels that include web direct hotel sites and Online Travel Agencies both, regional or international. Some of the monitored web portals are:



Portal View: Highlighting room rates of each hotel per hotel portal

BookLogic’s Smart Rate Shopper offers nine different strategic aspects to guide you through and through with instant pricing suggestions, which allows you to have a keen check on demands and pricing fluctuations. BookLogic’s exceptional Hotel Compare Manager provides you one of the best hotel rates comparisons to help you crop maximized revenues by selling your hotel’s base rooms at premium rates. BookLogic’s quick Hotel Rate Shopper provides contrasting conception levels of identified dated that are the collective display of all the data, demonstration of the generated portal reports, disclosure of competitor’s report, analysis of the charts displaying the minimum and maximum values of the reported span of time  for in-depth insight extractions of the web portal, competitor or time. Along with this, it also develops statistical and graphical records, specifying particular dates and time. To add in more, BookLogic’s next generation hospitality manager offers your hotel the one of its kind opportunity to learn different rate types like Qualified or Unqualified, Merchant or Retail, Restricted or Unrestricted and Entry or Exit details. Thus, it helps you preserve your brand integrity and market credibility or reputation of “Best Rate Guarantee”. In short, your brand credibility is safe, secured and assured.


With BookLogic’s Hotel Compare Manager:

BookLogic’s coherent Hotel Rate Shopper is fully integrated with Global Distribution System, high-end travel web portals and with upto 250 hotel sites. It is technically armed to analyse and forecast lengthy period of about 365 days in advance. Thus, you can keep a keen watch over future reservations along with specific dates and days. BookLogic Rate Shopper concretes a competitive edge by enabling customers to develop preferred list of hotels. You can now access to minimum 5 to maximum 10 competitor’s prices and availability as per the selected list of hotel at various OTAs like (, etc.). You can select delivery notification frequency from daily, weekly, monthly to yearly.  Reports retrieval is done via email and web based tools in Microsoft Suite, Adobe PDF, Delimited Text Format, XML etc.  All information is saved as a backup, and is transported to watch merchants & retail rates and statistical & graphical representation of BookLogic’s wide Distribution System. Thus, BookLogic’s smart Rate Shopper is beneficial for Hoteliers, General Managers, Sales Teams, Business Development Officers and Revenue Generating Managers of prestigious hotels.



For Smart Price Comparison between Hotels:

From countless pricing benefits to exploration of hidden successful strategies, BookLogic’s hotel rate shopper, Compare Manager, has much to offer! It is matchless to any other rate shopping solution provider and stands above for its uncompromising performance and efficiency. It is time-saving and cost effective for refurbishing latest data to all online portals after scrutinizing the prices of industry competitors. Not only, it enhances your online visibility and presence, but it also maximizes your business capacity and highlights your hotel’s prestige by assuring “Best Price Guarantee”. Thus, it executes your rating policies effectively over the internet and helps you maintain and strengthen your dealership management by eliminating all industry barriers.