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General Information on Your Hotel’s Review & Social Media Management Software

In today’s world, in which online communication systems effectively connect millions of people with each other, the role of customer reviews and interactions have become much more crucial for the corporate identity of hotels. Nowadays, what encourages visitors to choose a hotel is not simply about its facilities and amenities but also about the past experience of the visitors of that hotel. In order for you to be able to keep track of the comments from your guests, reach a well-prepared and classified report about the content of these comments and benefit from a semantic analysis so as to compare your hotel’s ranking with the neighboring ones, all you need is compiled in one single application: BookLogic Hotel Brand Manager, also called Review Shopper and Reputation Management Software. Be one of those hotels in which visitors accommodate not in coincidence but through recommendation…

Brand Manager is the most efficient standalone application to monitor online reviews, feedback and several other media about your hotel and provide semantic analysis of your guests’ reviews and testimonials. The application helps you attract a higher number of guests and provide better customer satisfaction by compiling significant amount of data from various reviews websites, forums, blogs and other networking platforms. With Brand Manager, you can always follow up-to-date analytics about the corporal identity of your hotel and boost the popularity of your brand much more quickly and easily and thus attract the attention of review shoppers.

Boosting revenues, brand value, customer satisfaction and loyalty, which were deemed the most significant dynamics in business world before social media penetrated into each and every aspect of professional activities, still have a solid place in the agenda of CEOs, general managers and entrepreneurs. What Brand Manager offers to the most well-known and most-credited hospitality brands is including but not limited to a professional social media management and constant reputation boost. Brand Manager is exclusively built not only for corporate offices but also for local enterprises. The sentiment analysis technology of Brand Manager allows you to process millions of hotel reviews in a matter of seconds, which gives hoteliers an unprecedented opportunity to monitor the situation of their hotel with extraordinary accuracy as well as a privileged position in the eyes of customers willing to purchase items based on reviews.

You can track thousands of social media websites by using several ordinary web APIs; however what makes Brand Manager a unique and unparalleled social media management software and reputation tool is the fact that Brand Manager enables your customers to see your brand on various web sites as well as directing you to the specific sites which immensely influence your guests’ perception and purchase decision. In this light, our partnership with the most influential sites like TripAdvisor make it much more comprehensive and coherent for hoteliers to understand what their guests expect from them. Well-known analyst firms such as PhoCusWright is only one of many others to choose Brand Manager so as to administer their industrial reports.

Furthermore, one has to bear in mind that each and every review posted by hotel guests is the result of different and relative experiences. Brand Manager is the only tool which faithfully simulates the research process that consumers get involved with before making their final decision about their travel plan. Brand Manager carefully measures what your customers see online about your hotel, which in turn provides you with an upper hand to attract more guests. Apart from viewing comprehensive and well-prepared reports about your brand, Brand Manager will also help you compare your brand not only with your competitors but also with thousands of other hotels around the world.

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