BookLogic’s swift move to mobile technology and Hotel Applications for hospitality industry has observed a significant rise in mobile bookings volume, which is rapidly increasing with every passing day. We work to bring more focused and comprehensive ways for the user, so that your customer finds you easily and directly from our quick search engine with just a tap. With BookLogic’s ultimate HotelApp, your customers are now carrying reservation facility in their pockets and they can now process their reservations anytime from anywhere in the world.


HotelApp Application for Mobile Devices

There is no magic to capture the hospitality business, what makes BookLogic flourish is its determination and creativity to make impossible into possible. The use of mobile devices has penetrated deep in our lives and we focus to eliminate barriers to make maximum use of it. It is no more impossible to administer your reservations or accomplish a once-complicated task with a simple touch on your devices; all you need is to have HotelApp on your smart phones and tablets. With this, your customers can access a fully compatible user-friendly hotel mobile website and experience hassle-free bookings and reservations. This is one of the most unique and handy booking processes that your customers could avail to make their trips magical with you! Enjoy the privilege of being accessible to your customers whenever and wherever you are needed.

Some of the main features that could be availed are:

  • Focused and Result Oriented
  • Speedy Access
  • Social Media Integration
  • Conversion-Effective for more Bookings
  • Better Support
  • Multi Language Options
  • Suitable for any Hotel Chain and Hotel Group

100% Compatibility with All Smart phones, Mobile Devices & Tablets


BookLogic opt for betterment and is successfully adapted the latest hotel technology with no loops left. BookLogic’s HotelApp is categorically designed with special features to facilitate your customers with easy reservation processes at anytime, from anywhere! This is smartly designed to curtail visibility, accessibility or compatibility issues of your websites and to maximize your customer’s connectivity with you. This hotel application let your customers connect to you from all renowned mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android and Symbian, which means regardless of the model, you and your customers can now use HotelApp on iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia etc.

“Cut down the gap between you and your customers with BookLogic’s smart HotelApp”.

Let your customers handle their reservation-related queries within their comfort zone within no time. Start using HotelApp now and allow your business grow with unprecedented functions instantly.