The switch of visitor to customer is critical. That’s where BookLogic transcends! We provide a 100% customizable, online web-based solution for hotel chains and hotel groups to escalate growth, recognition and revenue simultaneously. BookLogic‘s Multi-Property Booking-Engine is an easy-to-use online booking engine offering multiple solutions for hotel chains’ absolute needs, along with

  • Hotel selection bar
  • Destination selection bar
  • Travel agency & Wholesaler login
  • Reservation opportunity over bargained or agreed rates for contracted companies with a Corporate id login

Hotel Property Search Available

With BookLogic, this web-based Multi Property Booking Facilitator let your hotel customers choose among your hotels directly from your customized search engine. Simple, easily-accessible and convenient room searching and booking capability, means developing strong and satisfactory customer-relationship, which eventually turn into consistent hotel guests.

RFP software enables automated solutions to you and your customers! Perhaps responding to RFP’s before your competitors do, may serve you more options to win successful deals. Your responses will carry relevant, accurate and targeted information because of its time sensitive hospitality management tool and specific multi-property booking suite.

Thus, flexible, seamlessly integrated with your hotel’s corporate website and individual hotel websites

BookLogic Reservation Systems provides a fully customizable Booking Engine for your hotels’ websites according to your hotels’ needs.

How it works?

Bring customized designs on your domain

BookLogic allows you to personalize everything your customer see, including search result page, individual hotel page, booking forms and confirmation emails. Design your own booking and reservation engine with BookLogic’s Multi-Property Booking-Engine and match your hotel’s or website’s look and spirit; enjoy perfect integration.

Upsell your Products and Services at its best

With BookLogic’s Multi Hotel Booking Software, you get the freedom to organize privilege packages like you can offer accommodation with transfer along with other extra service and sell it as a package! What best it could be when you allow your customers to design their packages from your given options of available services and extras.

Update your content instantly

With BookLogic’s exclusive Multi Property Booking Engine, you can update your content whenever you want to announce your packages, deals, descriptions, events or discounts along with pictures and detailed features.  All changes could be operated within your PMS and the changes that you make will automatically synchronize to your booking platform in just a few seconds

Multi-property support

You avail a fully operative PMS as back end for your entire hotel chain. Individual rates, seasons and discounts could be managed individually for each hotel. You can also manage individual seasons, rates and discounts for each hotel. In addition, instant consolidated reports could be generated for all of your hotel chain.

Manage your bookings

You will never miss out your potential client as they will always get a real-time availability and good prices. Your PMS will receive a booking alert and will instantly release availability updates to all other connected channels.

Customer freedom

It allows your customers to manage their bookings independently, login to the system, review their bookings with relevant dates and destinations, print confirmation, submit or cancel their bookings. The last but not the least, they can easily and immediately book the hotel again.

BookLogic | Multi-Property Booking-Engine is able to provide hotel chains a comprehensive platform to manage their programs and services efficiently and effectively.