Promotions API allows you to create, update and view performance of your property’s promotions through BookLogic's MaxiChannel Manager

How does it work?

First you need to login to booklogic extranet. Thereafter, you can proceed creating a promotion through "Dynamic Policies"

When you add a new policy, you should then select "APPLY TO BOOKING" checkbox, save and finally complete all other details.

What are the benefits of the Promotions API?

Promotions help properties to generate business when they need it most.

  • Get more bookings. Deals appear in search results, so partners can attract more visitors to their page, which will bring more reservations.
  • Increase revenue. A lot of customers initially attracted by the offer often end up booking non-discounted rates for other room/rate types.
  • Fill rooms year round. Properties can increase occupancy by targeting dates where they need more bookings. Minimum length of stay deals help secure higher-value bookings.
  • Stay flexible. Early Bookers and Last Minute Deals allow properties to manage occupancy based on their business needs.
  • Target specific markets. Properties can choose specific channels to target new markets. With Basic Deals, they can time the promotion to fit the time zone of the target market.
  • Stand out from the competition. With Basic Deals, the property will appear higher in the search results when customers are sorting by price. Properties can reinforce the Basic Deal by making it a Secret Deal, which gets extra promotion by
  • Reduce cancellations. Around a third of all bookings on our platform are now made with a mobile device. 40% of all smartphone bookings are last-minute bookings, which have a low cancellation rate. With Last Minute Deals, properties can attract these customers.

Promotion Types

The API supports the creation of Basic, Last Minute and Early Booker Deals.


Basic Deal

  • The Basic Deal is a simple way to lower the price quickly.
  • It’s a simple discount offered to the customer for one rate type.
  • This deal is not tagged with a specific banner for guests on the front-end (website and app).

Early Booker

  • Early Booker Deals help properties target customers looking to book in advance.
  • It’s recommended to set at least 30 days as the minimum booking window.
  • This deal is not tagged with a specific banner for guests on the front-end (website and app).
  • Last Minute

  • Last Minute Deals help properties sell rooms that are not filled, and help combat last-minute cancellations.
  • These deals are a simple discount applied to one rate type.
  • Last Minute Deal is tagged with a specific banner on the front-end (website and app). A mock-up of how it looks on the website/app is shown below:

  • booking promotion api

    If you are looking for a channel manager that utilize Promotions API and lets you publish promotions flawlessly, BookLogic's MaxiChannel Manager is the best choice for you !